First Choice Benefits, Inc.


Supplemental & Medicare

Supplemental Insurance

The plans you choose for your employees do not cover all contingencies. As such, First Choice Benefits, Inc. offers supplemental insurance for those unexpected issues. We can also help you and your employees fill in gaps in your coverage with voluntary supplemetal plans.


Supplemental Insurance Plans

Supplemental insurance plans provide coverage in the areas where your employees' main insurance does not, such as deductibles and coinsurance or catastrophic illness. The carrier we represent for these types of plans is Aflac. To give you and your employees that extra coverage you want, we offer supplemental insurance for:

- Accident Protection
- Cancer Care
- Critical Illness (Specified Disease)
- Hospital Indemnity
- Short-Term Disability

Medicare Supplements

For indiviuals over 65,you can avoid having to pay extra money out of pocket for your health care by investing in a Medicare supplement. Medicare Part A and Part B only provide 80% coverage with no cap. Medicare Supplements can fill the gaps to provide comprehensice coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana are the carriers we use to provide our clients with Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans are also available.